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Dedicated to helping ATHLETES COACHES and PARENTS understand Sports Nutrition

MAX MY BODY will introduce high school athletes to the beta version of our mobile app that has the ability to maximize their performance on the field by improving their nutritional awareness this Summer. 

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How important is Sports Nutrition? Food provides the energy that young men and women need to run the 100-meter run in 11 seconds if that’s what they are capable of. Most athletes never achieve their potential for a variety of reasons and improper nutrition might be the No. 1 reason. Athletes who eat incorrectly could be too tired, too weak, too incapable of maximizing their body’s performance when the game is on the line.

MAX MY BODY provides athletes and their parents with specialized sports nutrition information. In other words, it sells individualized nutrition plans to individual athletes. Every individual is different. MAX MY BODY has figured out how, for example, a 6-foot-3-inch, 180-pound boys basketball player can improve his performance with a specific nutritional plan. It has also figured out how a 5-foot, 100-pound girls gymnast can improve her performance with a specific nutritional plan.

Just as importantly, MAX MY BODY has figured out how to use technology to deliver this sports nutrition information to athletes in a very convenient way. The athletes, and their parents, do NOT have to travel to the office of a nutritionist to get the information they need. Essentially, the nutritionist comes to them.

In short, MAX MY BODY delivers certified sports nutritional information in real-time to high school student- athletes and makes sure that the information is individualized for each individual athlete.

It’s Easy To Buy What We Specialize in Sports Nutrition 

Selling individualized nutritional plans to high school athletes all over the USA sounds like a very complicated project. Actually, it is — but the process is simple for the “buyers.”

The process is simple because MAX MY BODY is led by an all-star group of dedicated visionaries who have one goal in common — Deliver nutritional information to high school athletes via a mobile/ wearable application that is the fastest and most informative mobile application in the world.

SF’s Chris Borland: The Risk of Contact Sports?

Quite the buzz has occurred due to Chris Borland, former San Francisco 49er linebacker,  announced his retirement from the NFL after his first year of playing.

Chris Borlad ready to hit

Chris Borlad ready to hit

This is an extremely large decision for Chris Borland, but the man did his research and found that the cons of staying and playing in the league far outweighed the pros.

As parents, you not only have to worry about your son or daughter’s mental, and nutritional health, but you have to take into account their physical well-being too.  Having to juggle all of these facets of your child’s health can be exhausting, and is in itself a full-time job; however there are steps that parents can take in order to ensure that they are effectively communicating with their children and receiving all of the necessary information to make educated decisions regarding the health of their children.

1. Ask if your child has a enough food for the day, to keep them fueled for school and practice.  This will come in time, but keeping an open conversation about whether or not Johnny needs a few more snacks throughout the day will keep him happier and more prepared for practice daily.

2. Know what happens during practice. Engage your child!  Ask how practice went, if there were any arguments, or any big hits that we should be concerned about.  Hopefully, by creating an honest and safe environment with your child, they will share all of their thoughts and opinions regarding their well being that will allow you to understand the next steps to take in providing for them.

3. Talk to the coach. By having a relationship with those that are responsible for your child when you are not around, you will be able to have an extra set of eyes, thoughts, and opinions that will create a more detailed picture of your child.


Tips #2 & #3 will allow parents to fight the “culture of resistance” that has infected the nation’s contact sports.  Many athletes at every level do not correctly self-report symptoms of injuries, especially those that may seem similar to concussion, which will only end up hurting the athlete deeper down the line.  Being an active part of your son or daughter’s sports life can increase the chances of injury symptoms reported.


Putting your children in sports does not have to be a scary thing, keep the lines of communication flowing in order to know and understand the health of your son or daughter is key.


Watching a father and son share a bond on the court and in life is a special thing to see.

2 Coaches 2 Sons in #MarchMaddness remind me of my relationship with my son. 


As we are watching the Georgia State vs. Xavier basketball game, I can’t stop thinking about my son and living out his athletic dreams and me as his coach. The dynamic duo on the floor that we are watching is Coach Ron Hunter and his star player RJ Hunter his son.   What a relationship that must be, because if you think about it these guys have done everything together most likely since the days of AAU basketball.  The relationship that Ron and RJ have together is special one.  I just saw a play where RJ was stopping at the top of the key to analyze the defense and there was a passing shot of Ron, “the head coach,” his father in the background apparently looking at the same thing.

The shot heard round the world the other night, when RJ hit his game winning shot against Baylor was an exceptional moment for fathers around the world.  The pride in Ron’s voice after the game was enough to make even the most emotionally distant dad tear up.

The site was similar with Bryce Alford son of Indiana legend and now head coach at UCLA Steve Alford.  Bryce scored 27 points in their game against SMU and actually won the game in an upset.  The way that Steve described his son was magical, or at least for me.

Well it looks like the magic run is over for the Georgia State underdog story, the opponents from Xavier appear to have won this game.  I’m curious to see what the final seconds of the season will look like between Ron and RJ, as I think about coaching my own son.   But my son is still 4 years old, its going to take some serious sports nutrition and time on the court or field.

******It was well worth the wait, the two gentlemen Ron and RJ Hunter walked off the court in an embrace arm in arm waving to their fans with class.

Sports nutrition for High School Athletes


Sports Nutrition and High School Athletes, will they share information?

To future rivals in High School and business.  Sports nutrition for high school athletes

To future rivals in High School and business.

by Khari Stallworth

Watching the tourney at HQ, thinking……….

Watching the tourney on a Friday afternoon in Southern California has to be a State Holiday.  Every bar is packed, pizza delivery cars are stopping at every corner.  There are even Taco trucks parked in front of local bars serving the masses spilling outside to smoke.  It is this way for two days of basketball bliss while the warm weather washes away the faintest thought of the worries of the work week.  Actually I bet life is good for the entire country on these first two days of the tournament.

As a coach in Pop Warner football I often wonder about sports nutrition for high school athletes and how many of these young men that I’m watching during the round of 64 started off in Pop Warner or AAU leagues?  If these young men and women that we watch on TV, still have connections to the communities that produced them? Are they still in connection with the high school teams that led them here? And if so, what advice are they passing down to the seniors and juniors that are their Facebook friends? Are they talking about getting bigger and stronger, faster or more powerful? Are they talking about nutrition at all?

The athletes in the programs that we are watching on multiple channels right now have the benefit of the best sports nutritionist in the country.  Are these athletes taking advantage of the nutritional education provided at the Division 1 level.   Sports nutrition and high school athletes, is a subject that needs to be addressed before college level athletics.

A nutritional partner in High School, what a novel idea!

If these athletes can notice the difference, do they talk about it with others.  That is what will facilitate.  An easy conversation from graduating class to freshmen, from college parents to high school parents.  The best Sports Nutrition for High School athletes advice and counseling in the web.  All in one convenient place.